While Christian manger scenes usually feature the three Wise Men at the stable where Jesus had just been born, the Christian church believes differently. The often present camel reminds viewers the Magi came from Persia, India, and Arabia—all far from Bethlehem. Thus following the Star took them so long they didn’t find Jesus until January 6.

The Christians call this day Epiphany meaning the recognition that this baby was not just any baby, but He was Jesus, the son of God. With a small ‘e,’ epiphany now means the sudden perception of the essential nature of something not understood before.

January 6, 2021, was an historical American epiphany.  No matter one’s political persuasion, everyone watching the invasion of the Capitol had to be experiencing a significant wake-up call. However ugly and angry  Republicans and Democrats have been with each other the past few years, who could have believed it would turn into the raging mob of scofflaws taking over the United States Congress, terrifying our nation’s elected representatives and vandalizing our country’s Capitol?

Unlike the infinite joy of the Magi discovering the Son of God, for all Americans this 2021epiphany had to be a hammer blow ‘up side of the head.’ Horrifying and painful as it was to watch, I have to believe there was also a hint of the true Epiphany that day. To recognize the Light of the World requires seeing the darkness. And that darkness was on full display for the world to see January six, 2021.

Enough is enough is enough. Like the Magi’s star, now may the light of Lady Liberty’s lantern overcome the dark  illuminating our nation and renewing the promise that is the United States of America..