Behold A Rainbow


Behold A Rainbow

A must-read for women’s book clubs, this is the story of good people facing hard
challenges. Breast cancer. Alcoholism. Infertility. This sequel to the prize-winning
novel The Sandpiper tells the story of the three Cameron women waging their
individual battles with both fear and courage. Despair and hope. Tears and laughter. Readers will walk the tough walks with them rooting for them from page one to
the end.



award winning book

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A tender, poignant, purposeful story that deals with the pain and process of addiction. The characters are so real, they become your friends. Lovell’s talent for descriptive writing shines here. The cover is so perfect, you’ll want to keep the book on your coffee table long after you have enjoyed reading the book. In addition, buying this book will benefit a very worthy cause. 

– jackie b.


I am loving this book. It’s hard to put down. Everyone knows someone who suffers from addiction and this story helps you truly understand what they feel and how difficult it is to deal with the emotions that rule them.
Having grown up with an alcoholic father who died at the age of 48 I could truly relate to the family.
This would be a wonderful book for a book club discussion .

– Janet l.

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