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As a little girl, I knew the late night yelling and door slamming and tires squealing came out of the brown bottles in the kitchen. I knew when my dad, the city attorney for our small Michigan town, started talking funny and my beautiful mother wobbled the fighting would begin again after I was in bed.

Fast forward twenty years. I am holding our precious first baby Becky when a shocking revelation gut smacks me. Here is the heart of my heart, flesh of my flesh. No power on earth could make me give her up! How, then, when I was seven could my mother take her trust fund to California and never come back? What in those brown bottles could change a loving, bright, educated woman into someone who could abandon her second-grade daughter?

The Cameron Women sprang directly from that flash in the hospital delivery room. My mother dearly loved me! Kind and fun and huggy. No daughter ever felt more loved by her mother. I finally realized the only way I could answer my own question was to get in the head of a woman like my mother—gifted in so many ways—and feel the power of alcohol. And by the novel’s end on the flower-filled deck for the wedding overlooking Lake Michigan, I had learned two things.

The first was harsh. Our beloved first granddaughter has Type One Diabetes. If only Kaitlyn’s could put her disease into remission by doing one thing! But her disease doesn’t have that option. Alcoholics can choose remission by staying sober. My second conclusion is the reason my volunteering has always been for recovery from alcoholism/addiction; Salvation Army and now Our Hope, a woman’s rehab. I give my time because I now know my mother had a brain disease, not a moral collapse. And certainly not a lack of will power. She almost bled to death with an ectopic pregnancy because she never told anyone she had a bellyache.

My mother’s tragedy was to inherit a disease that turned her brain into an alcohol-craving factory that never shut down. It took writing this novel for me to understand that. And to finally get beyond my loss growing up without a mother and to instead be able to mourn the loss of the life she should have had.


My Story is really who I am. And why I wrote The Cameron Women.  Less interesting bio, I’m the middle of five generations of women graduating from the University of Michigan, also earned a Masters Degree in English there. Best thing I did in Ann Arbor, however, was meet Michigan’s golf captain who would become my husband, surgeon Dr. F. Raymer Lovell. Now retired, his specialty was breast cancer. Just this week a woman came up to thank him for saving her life eleven years ago. He’s easily one of our city’s MBPs.  Most Beloved Physicians.

I’ve taught English—high school and college, started a weekly newspaper—check the link below. Written five histories, check those links too! Worked for one of West Michigan’s biggest foundations—writing web stories—check The Wege Foundation web site—until 2017.

Second only to my adored husband are five children, three with our DNA, but the two spouses are ours too. Becky Turner, the nursery baby and middle school counselor, and her golf-pro spouse Patti Butcher. Julie Lovell, who some think is Jamie Cameron.  Dr. F. Randy Lovell, an orthopedic surgeon and his beautiful Lisa, an R.N. busy raising three Lovells.


Like dessert: The Best For Last! Grandkids: Kaitlyn and Tyler Lewis, she’s an IOE engineer, he a real-estate CPA in Chicago. Corey Turner betrothed to Ali Shuart, he’s an environmental engineer, she’s in communications. Sophie Turner, a junior in engineering at Michigan. And our family is pure Michigan State green—both the boys—and pure U of M blue—the three girls.


Younger Lovell grands: Samantha, 11, middle-schooler shears her gorgeous thick hair to make wigs for chemo patients; twins Raymer and Sydney, third-graders who just gave environmental speeches. His on fighting pollution, hers promoting a national bottle-deposit law.


Had I know how fun grandkids are, I’d have had them first!




Charming and captivating novel of mother-daughter relationships, friendships, and family relationships. Told in the alternating chapters of Ellie, Kate, and Jamie, readers will learn of the hardships and triumphs of the Cameron family and their beloved friend, Nina Judd, the angel who guides them through their lives.

– sharon’s garden of book reviews | sharon galligar

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